pie for dinner

tonight i ate pie and ice cream for dinner. if that’s any indication of how the entire semester is going to go, i’m in trouble and so is this blog.

i started studying this morning at 5am, worked until about 9ish, hung out with the family until about 10:30 then squandered an hour or so online, took a quick nap at lunch, woke up starving, left to run to the library then the post office then to catch my bus to school for a meeting, had the meeting, went to class, missed the bus home, waited a half hour and just got back here in time to eat pie and ice cream for dinner, take a shower, and here i am typing at 10pm. probably ought to go to bed, but i really wanted to type all of that first.

my class was really great. it’s a single credit course on professional development as a historian within and outside of academia. for this evening we read some articles from the AHA (American Historical Assoc.) and watched some videos of scholars discussing the paths that led them to their current jobs. Not all were professors, some were freelance historians and others worked in government or at museums. There was also one other link, which I’ll share here, and this was my favorite thing we read. I agree with most of those tips and am happy to say that there aren’t that many left for me to incorporate into the folds of my life… still, seeing these things in list form is nice, and a refresher is always refreshing. 

tomorrow i’ll go to the econ class then to the course i’m TA-ing for, then to office hours for students, then home. at some point in there i should be able to write a more comprehensive account of academic-y things. today was really great though, i am stoked for the semester… it’s finally here!!

now, time to sleep.

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